Since 1998, we have been installing, renovating, and creating beautiful concrete designs for homeowners and businesses. Our Flatwork by Design brings our clients’ ideas to life using the most current material advancements, products, and techniques.


Our Mission

Celina Concrete brings quality flatwork installations to life through integrity, transparency, and honesty. Our clients needs are exceeded through our design team introduction and then completed by our field team performance. With over 25 years experience in the concrete industry, we make ideas and dreams for client spaces a reality.


  • 1991 - Brenden Kurtz began pouring concrete foundations and flatwork under the direction of Bob DeBoth, DeBoth Construction Group, Naperville, IL.

  • 1994 - Kurtz completed collegial studies from Iowa State University and continued training and learning of the concrete industry via Union 502 Cement Masons of Chicago, IL

  • 1994-2000 - Kurtz ventured south to Arizona enhancing his construction background with swimming pool excavation and construction while employed with companies such as Tom Nichols Excavating.

  • 2001-2010 - Brenden Kurtz returns to Chicagoland continuing in the 502 Cement Mason union, R. Olson, W.E. O’Neil, Premium Concrete, while installing patios and driveways under the Kurtz Concrete Co. Kurtz was overseen by Butterfield Color Co., Aurora, IL and completed certification from the American Concrete Institute as a Certified Flatwork Technician.

  • 2010 - Kurtz was introduced to Paul Helmer, Krez Group, Chicago IL and became project manager for floor leveling division. Wrigley Building, Merch. Mart.

  • Kurtz became General Manager of start up concrete company in Dallas Texas, Cemplex Group, and went on to become member of the long running business of Tom Hatton, Subfloor Systems, Inc.

  • 2019 - Brenden Kurtz converted his lifetime passion of concrete with community pride and encouragement to found Celina Concrete LLC. Leaving a career with industry prominence was not an easy decision; however through his faith in God, support of family, friends, and community, and creating solutions to concrete Flatwork installations, Kurtz believes that transparency and love for people will bring success to every project, and positive economic development to the areas touched by Celina Concrete LLC.


The Early Years, 2005

Brenden enjoyed union commercial concrete for years but as family time disappeared he transitioned to office management to bring more time to the family. Here, pictured with Sam, now 14 Years old!


Today, 2019

We’re still smiling.. years of concrete labor & finishing have taken their toll on the body, but thanks to great relationships, trust, and camaraderie with others, Mr. Kurtz still finds the physical resources needed for each project.